About Us

The Celox products were developed by a UK company called MedTrade Products Ltd which is an ethical, dynamic, fast growing medical device company, founded in 1999.

MedTrade has a substantial history of providing excellent high quality wound care products for hospitals and retail shops worldwide.

Over 50 countries (including the EU, US and China) have carried out thorough checks on the effectiveness and safety of Celox.  Such is its success, both the UK and US military carry it on deployments at all times.

What does Celox do? Its primary function is to stop bleeding fast.

How Celox came to New Zealand

The story so far...

While out hunting possum with friends in the bush one day, Jim Floerchinger fell into a hole up to hip – luckily he wasn’t badly hurt - but this started Jim thinking. What would have happened if he’d been wounded and had started bleeding? What if the bleeding was significant or hadn’t stopped? Would he be alive today?

When Jim was catching up with an old friend in the US military he talked about this event and the questions he’d asked himself - and his friend showed him Celox.

Thinking this was brilliant product, Jim rang the UK company and tried to order Celox over the phone but was told as there were no NZ distributers he couldn’t buy it as it wasn’t regulated for sale here. So Jim went to London and met the CEO of Celox and decided to become the NZ distributor for Celox.

Celox now approved for sale in New Zealand – and meet the team!

Ten long months passed until Medsafe (NZ’s regulatory body) passed it through legislation in 2009 as an approved medical device for New Zealanders.

Jim is now travelling the length of New Zealand talking to hospitals, medical centres, EMS, corporate companies and people like you and me about Celox.

Brett Hearn – Celox NZ’s Director of Training comes with the qualifications to know why Celox is a potentially life-saving product. He was an EMT – Emergency Medical Technician in Oakland, California for many years.

Available nationwide in Radius Pharmacy stores

Radius Pharmacies stores throughout New Zealand are not only stocking Celox – they’re promoting is as a pharmacy recommended product particularly for those with conditions that require them to take blooding thinning products like Coumadin, Heparin and Warfarin.

Up to 46,000 New Zealanders are on blood thinning medication therefore Celox is a vital component of your First Aid Kit.

Natural product which is simple and safe to use

Celox is a natural product, made from a derivative of shrimp shells. Studies have shown that even those allergic to shellfish do not react to Celox.

Celox is simple to use and will stop bleeding fast.