First Aid & Civil Defense

From small cuts, lacerations and nosebleeds through to arterial bleeding and deep wounds, Celox stops bleeding fast. It’s able to be used in any situation where there is bleeding. If you add one item to your First Aid Kit this year, it should be Celox.

You never know when an accident may occur or how far away emergency help is, so it makes sense to have Celox in your First Aid kit... at home, in your car, at work, at your sports club, on your boat, at your children’s school, out hiking...

Ideal for New Zealanders who participate in outdoor activities

Kiwis love the great outdoors. Whether it’s lounging at the bach, hiking up mountains, playing sport, camping with the family, diving off a boat, extreme skiing, hunting, fishing, or just “going bush” for a while, New Zealanders are renowned for their love of getting outdoors.

What we’re often unprepared for is the unexpected. If an accident occurs and someone is hurt – would you know how to stop bleeding? Maybe emergency medical help is far away, but even if it’s fairly close by, you don’t have a lot of time to react when someone has significant or persistent bleeding.

Celox stops bleeding fast. Celox products can be used by anyone (no training required) and they effectively controls moderate to severe bleeding until emergency services can get there.

Celox products even work in adverse conditions, continuing to clot blood in a hypothermic environment or when anticoagulants such as Coumadin, Heparin or Warfarin are present.

Be prepared in a Civil Defence emergency with Celox

New Zealand is a country prone to earthquakes, turbulent weather and other natural disasters. If there’s a widespread emergency and medical help isn’t immediately available, you need to be prepared.

It could be you or someone in your family who’s bleeding. Celox stops bleeding fast and can remain in the wound for up to seven days or until emergency medical help can arrive. Ensuring you have Celox in your Civil Defence emergency First Aid Kit is a wise decision.

Celox is used around the world - from the home to the battlefield

Celox now has a substantial history of use in police, fire and medical emergency departments and Defence Forces around the world.

The Celox available to them is the product you can buy for your home First Aid Kit. You may not be going into a “warzone” but you’ll be prepared for all accidents where significant or prolonged bleeding occurs.  Ensure you and your family are protected by having Celox in your First Aid Kits and Emergency Civil Defence Kit!

Celox is ideal in all First Aid Kits including:

  • Home & Car First Aid Kits
  • Workplace & Factory First Aid Kits
  • Sports Venues and Sports Clubs First Aid Kits
  • Holidays & Hiking First Aid Kits
  • Boats & Hunting First Aid Kits
  • Civil Defence Centre First Aid Kits
  • Rest Home First Aid Kits
  • School First Aid Kits
  • Forestry & Farming First Aid Kits