How Celox Works

Celox granules, when they come into contact with blood, swell and stick together to make a gel like clot. This clot sticks well to moist tissue to plug the bleeding site.

Celox does not interfere with your body’s normal clotting process; it only clots the blood it comes directly into contact with.

Natural product with a known metabolic pathway

Celox is a natural product made with chitosan - a natural polysaccharide. Chitosan has a known metabolic pathway - that means any left in your system is broken down by the body’s normal enzymes and converted into glucosamine – a sugar already present in your body.

The proven benefits of using Celox

Celox has a number of benefits including:
  • it clots blood fast (on average - in thirty seconds, a few minutes
    for a major wound)
  • it significantly reduces blood loss
  • it safely clots blood containing anticoagulants like Coumadin,
    Heparin and Warfarin
  • it’s effective in clotting hypothermic blood
  • it’s easy to use and requires no training – instructions are on the pack
  • it can be left in the wound for up to seven days without any adverse effects
  • it doesn’t affect long term wound healing

Celox comes in small, easy to carry, lightweight packs that have a shelf life of three years. Celox can be found in Radius Pharmacies nationwide as a pharmacy recommended product.