Jim’s recommendations

My personal First Aid pack includes everything! I have a military-issue IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) that travels with me.
If I am going minimal, I carry one Celox Rapid and a SWAT-T. If I am saving even more space, it is just one Rapid.

If I was going into a potentially risky situation e.g. up a mountain or deep in bush country, and possibly far from medical help, I'd carry a Celox-A and two rolls of Celox Gauze. If I was carrying a chainsaw... probably two rolls of Celox Gauze, because there isn't such a thing as a small chainsaw cut!

Mostly, it comes down to personal preference... 

If you're on blood thinners, or just want something for thin/frail skin, the Celox Nose Bleed Pads are really just pre-cut Celox Gauze and can handle small surface wounds up to 2cm long with ease.

So, when recommending products...we have to say that 'it depends on the situation’. Please contact us for specific recommendations based on your particular requirements.

Clinical trials show Celox very effective in stopping bleeding

No two wounds are the same, and unlike clinical trials, the real world rarely allows us to carefully measure just the right amount of Celox.

What we can say is that in a superficial wound model of a subject on blood thinning medication, a 1cm x 3cm surgical cut is controlled by 2g of Celox Granules.

The standard deep arterial bleed, severing the femoral artery, is shown to be controlled with 25g of Celox Granules.

Celox Gauze clinical trials are on the way, which will be published on this website when available.