"...I had the opportunity to use CELOX on numerous times on some serious wounds and was very impressed. I found it to be the easiest to use and the easiest to train people to use. It also allowed for the correct of improper placement after initial application.

When I used the product I used it like it would be used in combat. We applied the CELOX, packed the wound with gauze and wrapped it up with an elastic bandage (or in some cases we did all of this with an Olaes bandage). 

As soon as it was wrapped, we let it go and moved on to other injuries or engaged the "enemy". It worked very well. We never held direct pressure for than 1-2 minutes..."

Ross - Retired 18-D 

"...Some of my medics used CELOX a few weeks ago and were very impressed with its clotting capability. We only had one re-bleed but that was because the medic didn't actually visualize the site and simply poured the packet into the wound cavity. 

Repositioning the patient so the CELOX came in contact with the wounded artery solved the problem without the need for a second packet..."

Ken B - US Army 

"...We have tried the new CELOX and found it to be a really great product..."

Ian T - MD, Canada 

"...I was very pleased with this new product CELOX and the way it performed. I was even more amazed at how even with the improper application, one package was capable of treating more than one wound (three to be exact). 

The CELOX product not only surprised me but gave me hope that this may make it to our troops and since I noticed no heat generation by the CELOX product and the fact that even with improper application it works very well, that if applied correctly with a very serious injury it will perform as expected without the side effects..."

Chris W - Fire Dept. TX 

"...Regarding CELOX, we have some results from one of the biggest hospitals in Lithuania; they tried it on a man whose hand was crushed in a car accident and they are very happy with the results as the bleeding was stopped very quickly..."

Audrius J 

"...We had an elderly lady with a massive facial tumor who developed bleeding from her tumor at home. Fire departments responded to the scene and were not able to control bleeding. Evalutation by paramedics with the ambulance service not able to stop the bleeding with pressure either. 

The paramedic then chose to use CELOX and with pressure the bleeding was rapidly controlled and the patient was transported to the emergency room for definitive care. The emergency department was very happy with the care provided to the patient..."

EO, Professor of Emergency Medicine and Family Medicine 

"...I have used your product in the real world and it works great, plus the price and performance is twice that of the competitive products. I am trying hard to get my command on board but do not have any left on me to show them. 

I only had three packages and used them all. I I can get command on board I will be purchasing a large amount on a regular basis. am a senior medic with 1st Special Forces Group out of Okinawa, Japan..."


"...I guess I'll start off by saying I'm bad with names. I guess if it's not written on their uniform I tend to forget. I really enjoyed the presentation of the product, I will say I was sceptical, until I tried it for myself. 

I really love the product, to the point of most of the medics are putting a fund together, if the army wont buy it for us we will buy it ourselves. I want to thank you for bringing another product to the table that will make my job that much easier..."

MA Bravo 4-9 Cav 

"...I can tell you right now as for myself, CELOX is without a doubt the most exciting hemostatic dressing I have had the opportunity to work with. It is extremely easy to use, almost foolproof. I believe every soldier, not just every medic should carry CELOX on their kit..."


"...I finally got to try CELOX and was very impressed. Had a casualty in a controlled environment with a deep femoral bleed. A tourniquet was initially placed on the wound. The wound was wiped out with Kerlix and CELOX was poured into the wound. 

The tourniquet was removed, whilst direct pressure was applied to the wound. After 6 minutes pressure was removed and everything was good..."

SSG(P) Jason

"...Had a patient with leukemia yesterday and head laceration. Older person from a nursing home. Bleeding briskly and large scalp hematoma. Medics milked out hematoma and put CELOX into the wound. Worked like a charm. Her platelet count was low but she still clotted..."