Celox, an exceptional haemostat, is available to Veterinarians!  Extremely effective, safe and easy to use, Celox reliably stops bleeding fast.

Celox is available in gauze or granules (just pour, pack and apply pressure). When mixed with blood, Celox forms a gel-like clot in an average of 30 seconds, independent of the body's normal clotting response. Made from highly purified chitosan, any residuals are naturally metabolised. Unlike some other clotting agents, it is non-exothermic so will not burn the animal or care giver.

Celox is suitable for:

  • arterial or venous bleeding
  • severe high pressure bleeding
  • dental bleeds

Celox - the 1st product to put in your animal First Aid Kit

Whether you run a busy vet clinic, are at home with pets, work with animals, or go hunting with pig dogs, you never know when a trauma bleed will occur.

Rapid loss of blood can be fatal but if you have Celox on hand your pet’s chances of survival increases dramatically.

Available in lightweight, easy to carry packs, Celox is the ideal product in your animal First Aid Kit.  Contact us for more information.