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The SWAT-T is a VITAL piece of kit. 
The Stretch Wrap And Tuck Tourniquet is an inexpensive, reusable and potentially life-saving pressure bandage and/or tourniquet.
Developed by a Special Forces Surgeon, it is consistently winning accolades and awards.
Use this in conjunction with Celox on your patient, your dog or yourself as either a tourniquet or as a pressure bandage.
Innovative diagrams on the product mean that you can easily use this with minimal training. 
Check out YouTube for different reviews of the product and add it to your cart now! This combined with an Applicator and/or Rapid could be all that you need for traumatic bleeding.
Inform yourself and then get one today!
(for our most recent shipment the colour is not Black, but, is ORANGE-no change in functionality)

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